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As the world slowly starts to recover from the pandemic, many of us are itching to travel again. And with the help of travel tech, we can make our post-COVID adventures safer and easier than ever before. Here are some exciting travel tech trends and tips to help you plan your next getaway:

The Future of Travel Tech

One of the biggest travel tech events of the year is the Future of Travel Tech Summit. This conference brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the travel industry. Some of the most exciting topics featured this year include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Future of Travel Tech Summit

Virtual reality is particularly exciting for travelers because it allows us to explore new destinations without leaving our homes. Some airlines are even experimenting with VR headsets on flights to give passengers a more immersive experience.

Artificial intelligence is also changing the way we travel. For example, many airports are now using AI-powered chatbots to help travelers with everything from flight information to restaurant recommendations. And some hotels are even using AI to personalize room features like lighting and temperature.

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Finally, blockchain is being used to make travel transactions more secure and transparent. Some travel companies are even creating their own cryptocurrencies to make it easier for travelers to book and pay for trips.

Travel Tech Events

If you’re interested in learning more about travel tech, there are plenty of events around the world that can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends. One of the most popular is the Travel Tech Event, which takes place annually in locations like San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam.

Travel Tech Event

At these conferences, you’ll have the chance to network with other travel professionals, attend panel discussions and keynote speeches, and see the latest products and technologies in action.

Travel Tech Favorites

Of course, you don’t have to attend a conference to enjoy the benefits of travel tech. Here are some of our favorite travel tech products and services that can help make your next trip even better:

Travel Favorites

  • Google Translate: This free app can translate over 100 languages, making it easy to communicate with locals in foreign countries.
  • TripIt: TripIt organizes all of your travel plans in one convenient place, including flight and hotel reservations, rental car bookings, and even restaurant reservations.
  • Smart luggage: Many luggage manufacturers are now incorporating technology into their suitcases, including features like built-in scales, GPS tracking, and USB charging ports.

Travel Tech Shows

Another great way to stay up-to-date on travel tech is by attending a travel tech show. One of the most popular is the TravelTech Show, which offers a virtual event tailored to your interests. This allows you to attend panel discussions, meet travel tech startups, and network with professional peers from the comfort of your own home.

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TravelTech Show

Virtual travel tech shows like this one are a great way to cut down on travel expenses while still getting all the benefits of attending a conference. And with advances in virtual reality technology, it’s almost like being there in person!

Travel Tech Venues

If you’re planning a large event or conference yourself, you’ll want to choose a venue that is well-equipped with travel tech features. Many venues now offer built-in technology like Wi-Fi, professional audiovisual equipment, and even interactive displays. This can make it easier to host engaging, dynamic events that keep attendees coming back year after year.

Double X

Tech Event

So whether you’re a traveler looking for innovative ways to explore the world, a professional in the travel industry, or an event planner looking to wow your attendees, travel tech has something for everyone. As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to embrace technology and find new, innovative ways to stay connected and engaged with each other and our shared passion for travel.

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