Best Places To Visit In Thailand During June

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Planning to take a trip to Thailand? You’re in for a treat! This stunning country is full of amazing places to visit, and we’ve narrowed it down to the top five for families and kids. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Bangkok


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and an absolute must-visit for families and kids. The city offers a blend of culture, history, and modernity. Visit Wat Phra Kaew, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and the Grand Palace. For a more kid-friendly experience, visit the Safari World Zoo or the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. There’s something for everyone in Bangkok!

2. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city located in northern Thailand and it’s known for its beautiful temples and landscapes. It’s a great destination for families who love nature and the outdoors. Be sure to visit the Elephant Nature Park for an unforgettable experience. You can also take your family to Doi Inthanon National Park for a beautiful hike and stunning views.

3. Phuket


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Phuket is a beautiful island located in southern Thailand and it’s perfect for families who love the beach. Visit the popular Patong Beach or the quieter Nai Harn Beach for a fun day in the sun. Phuket also offers plenty of kid-friendly activities such as go-karting and zip-lining. Don’t forget to take a boat tour to see the stunning sea caves and limestone cliffs.

4. Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is another beautiful island in Thailand and a great destination for families. There are plenty of family-friendly resorts and activities such as Muay Thai boxing lessons and Thai cooking classes. Take your kids to the Na Muang Waterfall or the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo for an unforgettable experience.

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5. Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya is a historical city located just outside of Bangkok and it’s perfect for families who love history and culture. Visit the Ayutthaya Historical Park to see the ancient temples and ruins. You can also take a boat tour along the river to see the city from a different perspective. For a unique experience, take your family to the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal to interact with elephants and learn about their history and culture.

Now that you know the top five places to visit in Thailand for families and kids, it’s time to start planning your trip. Don’t forget to try the delicious Thai food and immerse yourself in the culture. Have fun!

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