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Bali is a paradise for foodies with its rich blend of flavors and textures. From local Indonesian cuisine to international offerings, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to eat in Bali to satisfy your taste buds.

1. Ibu Oka

Located in Ubud, Ibu Oka is known for its delicious roast pork served with rice and vegetables. The meat is slow-cooked over a wood fire, which gives it a smokey flavor that’s hard to resist. Be prepared to queue up as the restaurant is quite popular, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Ibu Oka restaurant in Bali

2. Sardine

If you’re looking for a romantic spot to enjoy a sunset dinner, head to Sardine. Overlooking a rice paddy field, the restaurant serves fresh seafood dishes with a French twist. The restaurant also has a beautiful garden and pond, making it a perfect spot for a memorable evening.

Sardine restaurant in Bali

3. Locavore

For a fine-dining experience, Locavore in Ubud is a must-try. The restaurant offers a unique tasting menu that changes regularly based on the season and availability of ingredients. The chefs focus on using locally-sourced, organic produce to create their dishes, and the attention to detail is evident in every bite.

Locavore restaurant in Bali

4. Warung Babi Guling Pak Dobiel

Babi guling, or suckling pig, is a Balinese delicacy that you have to try. Warung Babi Guling Pak Dobiel in Seminyak is a popular spot that serves up some of the best babi guling on the island. The restaurant is small and simple, but the food speaks for itself.

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Babi guling at Warung Babi Guling Pak Dobiel in Bali

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5. Naughty Nuri’s

Naughty Nuri’s in Ubud is a must-visit for barbecue lovers. The restaurant is famous for its pork ribs, which are coated in a sweet and spicy sauce. The ribs are so popular that the restaurant has even opened up locations in other countries.

Pork ribs at Naughty Nuri's in Bali

Aside from these popular spots, there are countless other restaurants and local eateries that offer amazing food in Bali. Here are some tips to ensure that you make the most of your culinary adventures on the island.

1. Try the local cuisine

Bali has a rich culinary heritage that’s influenced by Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Don’t be afraid to try local dishes like nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodles), and sate (skewered meat).

2. Visit the local markets

One of the best ways to experience the local cuisine is to visit the markets. You’ll find a variety of fresh produce, herbs, and spices that are used in the local dishes. You can also sample street food like pisang goreng (fried bananas) and martabak (pancake filled with meat and vegetables).

3. Get off the beaten path

Some of the best food in Bali can be found in the small, local eateries that are off the beaten path. These places may not have the fancy decor or Instagram-worthy dishes, but the food is authentic and delicious.

4. Don’t forget about the drinks

Bali is also known for its refreshing beverages like fresh fruit juices and coconut water. You can also try the local beer, Bintang, or the rice wine, arak, which is often mixed with fruit juices to make cocktails.

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With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the best of Bali’s culinary scene. Whether you’re looking for fine-dining or street food, the island has something for everyone.

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