13th Floor Hotel Superstitions

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This is because there are still a lot of people who don’t wish to book a room on the 13th floor or any other ‘unlucky’ floor. At a hotel recently i was zooming up its sleek elevator to my room when i noticed something:

13 Hotel Superstitions For Friday The 13th – Your Mileage May Vary

Final thoughts today, the mystique surrounding the number 13 when it comes to apartments or hotels pretty much boils down to individual beliefs.

13th floor hotel superstitions. Any superstitious guests might not like staying on the 13th floor or in hotel room 13, 113, or 213. Regardless of the fact that superstitions could never be scientifically proven to be true, some hotel owners and managers still abide by these beliefs. But it is still the 13th floor.

But, still today, there are people who do believe in superstitions and the perfect example of such situation are some of the hotels in mumbai which do not have a 13th floor even if it’s a 30 storey sky scrapper building. When skyscrapers started being built in 1885, it was rare for a hotel or other building be more than 12 stories high. With the arrival of the first skyscrapers in 1885, it was rare for a hotel or other building to contain more than 12 floors.

In fact, some developers number the ’13th’ floor as ’12a’ or skip to ’14’. Chicago's hard rock hotel, which opened in 2004, has a 13th floor. The builders of these hotels had earlier decided to exclude the number ’13’ while numbering their floors.

In parts of asia, not only is 13 skipped at times, but so is 4, which sounds like the word for “death”. Ever wonder why you’ve never stayed in a hotel room on the 13th floor? Name the floor 13 stories up whatever you want;

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That’s because superstitious builders thought that omitting the 13 th and subsequent floors would As one of the city’s oldest hotels, the luxurious palmer house hilton still has its 13th floor. In christianity, judas, the 13th of jesus’s 12 disciples at the last supper, was said to have betrayed jesus.

Living on the 13th floor brings bad luck is an old wives tale. A caesars entertainment reservationist told us that all their hotels (except for the stubby little but thoroughly lovable cromwell) have 13th floors, but if you find yourself booked onto one and want to change, they’ll gladly accommodate your request. It all comes down to.

So it is commercial concerns that lead to the 13th floor disappearing. A lot of people would not sleep in room number 13, rent an office on floor number 13… a silly old wives tale. Why 13th floor is not there in hotels 13 superstition believes :

Not just in india, but in the world across, some people believe that mayhem strikes if you reside on the floor. When i lived in japan, even things you bought in sets, never came in 4s, 5 was the more likely set. We polled 40 hotels in las vegas and found more than we expected with a 13th floor.

Most buildings omit the 13th floor too. Many hotels do not have a 13th floor because a sizable segment of the us population does not want to stay in a room on the 13th floor due to phobias or superstitious beliefs. According to indian traditions, the number 13 is actually auspicious.

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Here we are in the 21st century, and there i was in a vibrant city in a high tech skyscraper with two other people texting away on their phones. By not having a named 13th floor, hotels can avoid issues with these guests and attract more potential customers. It would be rude to give a.

Convert it into a long racquetball court. Silly as it seems, the hotel floor directly above the 12th is labeled 14 in many hotels. Although it is irrational, it might ruin a guest vacation to stay on the 13th floor.

The number 13 speaks of horror and fright, such as friday the 13th. Store soiled laundry on that floor. Most chain hotels skip from the 12th to the 14th floor, though some newer hotels have bucked the superstition.

So again, 13 = badness. And thankfully the decision had been. It wasn’t lost on me, either) of people responding to a gallup poll said they would be bothered by being assigned a room on the 13th floor.

If a hotel does not want guests to stay on the 13th floor, then use it for staff and other purposes. This common superstition is called tetraphobia. The 13th floor and other superstitions.

Think what you want about superstition, but 13% (i know, i know. Fear of 13 pervades hotel industry. According to a 2015 story in the atlantic (published on friday, july 13), the real estate website conducted a study of 629 condominium buildings in manhattan that had thirteen or more stories and discovered that 91 percent omitted the thirteenth floor, labeling it fourteen or other variants, such as 12b or 14a (li 2015).

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That’s because superstitious builders thought that omitting the 13 th and subsequent. And if you have a bunch of people not wanting to stay on one floor of your hotel, well, that’s a problem if you’re a hotelier. The whole superstition about how a floor at a hotel is numbered is silly, in my opinion.

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Many hotel owners simply don’t want to upset their guests or make them feel uneasy.

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